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Real Estate - Real estate professionals use aerial photos to better assess and appraise properties, develop land, manage property, advertise, and give as gifts to current or future clients.

Commercial Building / Engineering - These companies utilize aerial photography for surveying, planning for development projects, to evaluate property, obtain financing, and for marketing programs. Construction companies use progress photos to evaluate and amend projects, check progress, and detect potential problems.

Utilities- These companies may use aerials to improve communications between planning commissions, citizens, and each other as far as where utilities, gas lines, and power lines might be put into the grid above or underground.

Government - Aerial photographs have a proven track record in serving as an invaluable asset to many local, state, and federal government agencies. Mid-Atlantic Aerial Photography has found our aerials essential to all levels of our government who utilize them for zoning, disaster management, public relations, law enforcement, mapping presentations, and planning special events.

Advertising / Media – Mid-Atlantic Aerial Photography’s images are effective and eye catching in any print media, including; magazines, newspapers and the Yellow Pages. Our aerial photographs also work around the clock in calendars and brochures. MAAP’s aerial photography experts have the unique ability to customize any aerial image to fit a unique businesses theme or industry.

Legal / Insurance - Attorneys use our aerial photos to help settle disputes, accidents, land or structure damage, dispositions of estates, and boundary questions. MAAP’s aerial photos can prove to be an inexpensive means of “asset protection” against the inevitable or unexpected. i.e. a cost overrun, a weather phenomenon, fire, etc.

Agriculture/ Timber – For years now, aerial photography has played an important role in the agricultural industry.  A farmer or property manager is able to tactically see all of his land laid out to more efficiently determine how, what, and where crops will be planted, dusted, or harvested for that season.  The timber industry commonly uses updated aerial photographs on reclamation projects, to inventorize log harvests,  and to draw conclusions for various field studies.

Home/Property– Our service renders invaluable intrinsic value that is professional, persuasive, and informative.  Around the office or in the hallway at home, visitors will always be impressed with our detailed and personalized wall mounts of your property.  Mid-Atlantic Aerial Photography’s displays add more than character and conversation to any office, conference room, or dining room wall.  You can’t go wrong with a little Mid-Atlantic Aerial Photography home décor!

Recreation / Outdoor Sports – Mid-Atlantic Aerial Photography routinely takes action aerial photos. We have found that this area stretches from surfing and skiing to boating and racing. The sky is never the limit for us! 

Hunting & Fishing– Few hunters have utilized the invaluable tool of aerial photography.  As avid hunters ourselves, the experts at Mid-Atlantic Aerial Photography know what you are looking for.  We are able to perform aerial reconnaissance of your hunting grounds; distinctively show the property layout of your location, advise of game locations and game updates.  We can take a detailed picture of your decoy spread to give you a real “bird’s eye view”.  Additionally, for large groups or hunt clubs, we are able to digitally label stand and blind locations.  This is a great tool to safely coordinate others’ locations and any pertinent information, i.e. shooting lanes, food plots, game cameras, refuge boundaries, etc.  What a great tool for the last minute hunter or weekend warrior who comes in late and did not have a chance to scout or see a stand or blind location previously.  How many times has this happened to you?  How many times have you been sitting in a stand and wondered what “over there” looks like?  Now you can see!  Fishermen undoubtedly benefit from aerial photography. Be it the lay of the river or visual depth perception, Mid-Atlantic Aerial Photography can find those catfish holes, shallows, structure, drop-offs, and orient you around the water!

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